My Art World



I aim to  show in my artwork is to capture the subjective imagery in my mind from my visual. I always recognise some virtual images come from my imagination point of view. They are hide in the nature, in the city, in my life, and in my canvas. They have not only change with the light changes, but also changing with the personal mood. "They" like a mirror, reflecting my inner mood and latent world view.

In this day and age, people believe that the real world is what we see in our eyes.  But is this the case? We will never know because we are in it. Is it meaningless to the things that be considered haven’t an essence by people? If so, why those things can be perceived? The message I want to convey is: Everything has its meaning  even it seems illusory.  Because our world view, is changing by following our will, emotion and attitude.



My inspiration, originally started here...........

When I was a little girl, every night, the light was turned off as I laid down in bed, some strange creatures started to appear one by one. It was because during daytime, a jacket was hanging over, however it looked like a monster at the dark. In the same way, a chair turned into a ghost at night as well. Even I understood that was nothing but shadow, as a little girl I was very scare.

 The only way to eliminate those monsters was not to move the source of shadows but to change my mind. If I feel fear, I will see some terrible things from it, and if I feel happy, I will see interesting things from it. This insight gave me a great shock, so I began to detect my association with the external world, and the power of human 's mind.

This insightful insight into my child's time led me to start thinking about my connection with the outside world after growing up.


Our world view, is changing by following our will, emotion and attitude.