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I  show in my artwork is to capture the subjective imagery in my mind from my visual. 

Face of nature, or cities, debris, patterns, different characters, random color blocks. We create the connection when our mind or attention is raised to them.


Normally, these connections is based on certain inherent concepts.

Since the moment we born, environment and adults around us give the descriptions of the world for us. Tend us to integrate into this living environment. But, it also limits our perception.


When wiping out the inherent form and definition of specific things,

when looking at mountains is not mountains, looking at water is not water, mountains and water can be anything. What you see in your eyes is just a bunch of shapes, even chaos.


Different possibilities in the result of constructions are depends on  different soul.

When the inherent concept of matter is cut off, the restructured things can only be seek inward. This process connects my inner with outer worlds.


When I wipe away the inherent definition of things and follow my subjectivity, some thoughts or feelings that I may not paid attention to will emerge in my creation.

It's like getting to know myself deeply by seeing the world in my unique way.


My inspiration...........

When I was a little girl, every night, the light was turned off as I laid down in bed, some strange creatures started to appear one by one. It was because during daytime, a jacket was hanging over, however it looked like a monster at the dark. In the same way, a chair turned into a ghost at night as well. Even I understood that was nothing but shadow, as a little girl I was very scare.

Finally, I knew that the only way to eliminate those monsters was not to move the source of shadows but to change my mind. If I feel fear, I will see some terrible things from it, and if I feel happy, I will see interesting things from it. This insight gave me a great shock, so I began to detect my association with the external world, and the power of human 's mind.

This insight from my childhood made me going to think about the connection between people and the world.

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